1955 Tonka Green Giant Brand Green Bean Semi Truck and Trailer Restoration

I purchased this 1955 Tonka Green Giant Semi Truck and Trailer off eBay August of 2021. After taxes and shipping I ended up paying $125.78 for it!! It was a little more than I wanted to spend on it due to the condition it was in, however it truly was screaming out to be restored. This poor truck had obviously been painted over with a brush at one point in it’s life and then left to rot. The wood semi trailer floor was in terrible shape and missing all of the nails which held it to the metal semi truck body. The rear doors and handles were missing for the cargo van body, otherwise all parts were their minus the trailer hitch, which someone had installed a screw and nut in the frame to act as the hitch. After sandblasting the body showed lots of pitting, I started by applying a first coat of high build primer and sanding it down to see how many pits I could fill this way, the semi tractor body was actually pretty close to flat at this point and only needed a second coat of primer to smooth out any additional pits, however the trailer body was not in great shape, there were many pits and some dents that I couldn’t see until the primer was on, I decided to fill the dents and pits with high temp JB weld. I use this due to it being conductive and allowing me to powder coat over the top without issues. After two days of sanding the trailer body received a final coat of high build primer and was wet sanded for a final time before the final top coat of powder coat. While reassembling the trailer floor, I went to tap the metal end cap and ended up tossing it on the floor which then damaged the powder coating, I decided I better blast it clean and redo it, however during the blasting, I ended up with a hole through the part and had to completely remake the part off camera, you’ll notice when I install the new part that the door pin holes are missing, I had to drill those later after it was installed to ensure they were aligned correctly. Overall this was an awesome restoration and I’m super happy with how it came out! Thanks for watching!

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