Apple Watch Series 7 – Everything You Need to Know

Hi, Guys. I’m siri. Welcome to ios beta news channel. Today we will talk about The Apple Watch 7
Apple has canceled the Apple Iwatch 7-an old model under the guise of a new one.
All of us, even before the presentation, saw a lot of information about the characteristics of the Apple Watch 7. And the design of the Apple Watch 7 is different from what we expected. Apple had problems with the production of the Apple Watch 7, so at the last moment Apple canceled the Apple Watch 7, they had to improvise and under the guise of Apple Watch 7, they sell a slightly improved Apple Watch 6, which did not even change the model number. The Apple Watch 7 still has the S6 processor the same as in the Apple Watch 6, and the rest of the filling has not changed

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