Complete Xiaomi POCO X3 Fastboot Mode Tutorial

The POCO X3 Fastboot Mode is easy to access and even easier to exit. So let me show you how to boot the smartphone both into the special boot mode as well as how to leave it.

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Android has a number of different boot modes baked into the OS and Fastboot Mode is one of them. This gives us a deeper level of access to the Android filesystem than we normally would have.

Most of us will use the POCO X3 Pro Fastboot Mode as a way to install a custom recovery or to flash a boot.img file.

But I do understand that many of you will be discovering this little Russian Android doll without knowing why or how you got there. So this video will also be covering how to exit fastboot mode and boot back into Android.

Sometimes this happens by accident while other times it’s because the Android OS is corrupt. Either way, there’s a method to recover your Android OS and get you booted back to a working phone

ADB Command
adb reboot bootloader

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Full Tutorial
1. Intro [00:00]
2. Power down the POCO X3 [01:05]
3. Wait a few seconds after the screen goes dark [01:26]
4. Then press and hold the required button combo [01:40]
5. Let go of these two buttons once you see the Russian hat thing [01:54]
6. How to exit POCO X3 Fastboot Mode [03:32]

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