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Everland is a delightful looking massively multiplayer online world that aims to recapture the social aspect of gaming as you make friends, upgrade your house, explore, complete quests and earn special rewards.

Looking a lot like a much more social take on the Animal Crossing style of life simulation, Everland’s beautiful pixel art online world is a place where users can hang out and play together. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in a world with quests, secrets and uniquely themed zones with minigames and events to take part in. There are special outfits and cosmetic items for your character to wear and you can decorate your house with furniture or even upgrade it into a mansion.

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Get Social
Recapture the social aspect of games with systems designed around player interaction

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Minigames & Events
Engage with others in minigames in each zone or participate in open world activities

Collect & personlize icon
Collect & Personalize
Collect special outfits, cosmetics, and super rare items then show them off

Quests and story icon
Quests & Story
Immerse yourself in the world as you quest to learn secrets and earn special rewards

Player housing icon
Player Housing
Decorate your apartment with your collection of furniture, or upgrade to a house or mansion

Streamers icon
Explore & Discover
Explore to discover secrets, fun interactions, and meet your favorite influencers in the world

It’s a charming looking game with gorgeous pixel art animation and a friendly game world to explore, play and hang out with friends in.

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