My iPhone Says Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector." Here’s The Fix!

David & David explain why your iPhone says “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector” and show you how to fix the problem when charging is not available. Every iPhone since the iPhone XS can detect liquid inside the Lightning connector. Liquid trapped inside the Lightning connector can potentially cause corrosion or short out your iPhone!

💦 How to fix a wet iPhone:

💧📱 Learn more about iPhone water damage:

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 Apple’s recommendations:

1. Unplug Your iPhone [1:01]
2. Try A Different Lightning Cable [1:32]
3. Tap On The Back Of Your iPhone [1:56]
4. Let Your iPhone Dry Out [2:29]
5. Remove The SIM Card [3:47]
6. Should I Emergency Override? [4:16]
7. Can I Wirelessly Charge My iPhone? [4:49]
8. Let Your iPhone Dry Out Some More [5:29]
9. What You Shouldn’t Do [5:54]

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