Showing Upside vs. Downside Scenarios | Financial Model for Investors

We learn how to build a startup financial model for investors that shows upside, base case, and downside scenarios for our venture-funded business. Template included.

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We learn about how to build financial models for investors that show different scenarios for your startup – upside, base case, and downside.

The context and strategy around how to present these numbers and what investors are looking for is very important. Venture investors for example are looking for different opportunities / risks than private equity investors.

In this video, we build financial model scenarios for an advertising-monetized tech startup to show prospective venture capital investors our growth trajectory, with all the metrics that underpin it.

0:23 context for financial scenario analysis – how to present numbers to different investors
3:17 setup for our startup financial model & model intro
6:06 breaking down our assumptions
8:36 forecasting the downside scenario
11:40 base case & upside scenarios
15:55 discussion around our different scenarios and if they make sense given our investors

By the end of this video, you will understand how to present upside / downside financial models to investors – I guarantee it.

If you have questions – leave a comment below and I’ll try to help. Cheers!

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