Finance Case Study Example | SaaS Startup Financial Model [Template Included]

We solve a finance case study for a SaaS startup by building a financial model, calculating the key metrics, and making recommendations. Great for interview prep & financial modeling practice.

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We learn how to work through a realistic finance case study focused on an early-stage SaaS startup. This is the type of case study often given in technical finance interviews, but would be helpful for anyone interested in startups and financial modeling.

This video is packed with discussions about financial modeling for startups, different SaaS business models, customer acquisition strategies, customer lifetime value calculations, and the most important SaaS metrics & KPIs.

You’ll absolutely crush your interview after watching this!

0:22 instructions
3:45 breaking down the customer lifetime value & CAC
9:55 building a financial model for finance case study
16:38 calculating marketing expenses using customer acquisition
19:30 revenue, COGS & gross margin
21:28 building operating expenses assumptions
27:52 calculating burn rate and fundraising rounds
32:49 calculating the most important SaaS metrics
42:30 discussion of risks, opportunities & recommendations

By the end of this video, you feel very comfortable breaking down finance case studies – I guarantee it.

If you have questions – leave a comment below and I’ll try to help. Cheers!

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